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In the past, there was only one option for legal services - the traditional overpriced law firm. Technology has had a significant impact on many industries, and the legal profession is one of them. At Monte Vista Law Center we are ahead of the curve. By staying up to date with efficient processes, modern tools and resources we are able to pass the savings on to our clients. The astronomical fees of the past are history. Our business model ensures that each client will receive personalized and attentive service by a licensed California attorney. We keep you up to date with the status of your case via your choice of e-mail, US mail, Fax, text, or mind meld. 

The legal system in the United States is for everyone. Unfortunately, many individuals, because of their lack of proper representation, are denied the justice they are entitled. It is our mission to ensure that you are treated with respect, and granted access to the justice you deserve. Please contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation.


How We Do Things

At Monte Vista Law Center we are destroying the idea that the traditional price-gouging law firm is your only option. We use innovative, modern technology to interact effectively with our clients which ensures that they are kept up to date and have easy access to their attorney. Our focus is reaching your goals, in a way that is ethical, and fiscally responsible for everyone involved. 

initial consultation free of both obligation and cost

Our first meeting will always be free. Our firm strongly believes in granting access to justice to everyone and we are willing to do our part in making that happen. When you call our office, we will schedule you for an appointment with a licensed California attorney who will listen to your situation, read any documents you may have, and evaluate your case. At the very least, you will walk away from this meeting having discussed your personal situation with someone who understands the law. You may have ideas as to how to approach the problem, and the tools to get where you need to be. All of this, at no expense to you. 


custom fit for your needs

The needs of every client are not the same - there is no one size fits all in the law. Whatever your needs are, our single most important goal is to exceed your expectations. We will tailor our service to accomplish the task you hired us for. Give us a call today and schedule a consultation that is free of both obligation and cost to you. We look forward to meeting with you and evaluating the facts of your case.  


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